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Why Volunteer ?

If you an experienced professional and would like to share your skills and experience for the benefit of India‚Äôs poor and marginalized populations then SAFE SOCIETY is keen to provide you with the right opportunity.

We work with carefully selected local partners and agencies so that your skills are put to the best use and where it is needed the most towards the sole benefit of some of the most marginalised and poorest populations of India.

This would also provide you with an opportunity to impart your skills and experience to local healthcare workers, so that your time  here is put to the best use and would contribute towards long lasting impact.

We are expanding our work to support marginalized populations nation-wise . Hence there are immense amount of opportunities to choose from. Get in touch with us by clicking here to discuss the role you are interested in.

If you cannot find a role suitable for you immediately then keep in touch and check back again soon. Meanwhile don‚Äôt forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter to remain updated on current and future activities by clicking here

Volunteering Roles

Medical volunteering for much needed change

Helping and supporting Help village level initiatives

  • – Health Camps
  • – Sensitization Workshops
  • – Medical Consultations at Community Health Centre
  • – By working alongside your counterparts in rural pockets of India, you would contribute in bringing much needed changes that would contribute towards health and wellbeing of some of most marginalised and poor rural populations.

Education volunteers are the most needed personnel in the area we work in and around. There are variety of options to choose from the one best suited for you.

Education volunteers contribute greatly towards range of initiatives that improve quality of life of people living in some of the most rural pockets in India. Education practices continues to help and support these people greatly to take informed and knowledge based decisions for themselves and for their families future lives. This could be instrumental in improving the lives of thousands of children for better.

As we work to improve education at all levels, we need volunteers from a range of education backgrounds. We need teachers with experience of all levels and as well as those with professional backgrounds in education management and policy. 

If this interest you, please get in touch with us. Let us bring the change in the lives of thousands of under privileged men, women and children. Click here to get in touch with us.

Business and management volunteers typically support these marginalized populations to learn how to development and  grow small businesses utilizing available resources and not only improve their own livelihood but also create livelihood opportunities for others within their community.

Through skill building training programs and learning how to adequately use technology to become more profitable and more sustainable. You would be provided with an opportunity to work with most vulnerable groups of local communities to ensure that their voices are being heard and that they have access to the same rights as others in their community.

Volunteers from IT backgrounds are most needed to support a range of projects by improving systems and processes that can effect greater efficiencies and reach more people. 

If this interest you please get in touch with us by clicking here

Volunteer with experience and expertise in eco friendly/organic farming, modern and innovative agriculture methods and ¬†non-farming livelihood skills could support variety of programmes that increase communities’ ability to increase opportunities of income generation, access to finance small businesses and afford machines and equipment for modern farming solutions as well as reach markets in order to sell their products.¬†

Volunteers work along the whole value chain to improve crop production, improve overall business understanding as well as build relationships and systems with farming, farm goods processing, farm product distribution is developed and managed locally. Ensuring farmers get a fair share for their produce. Livelihood skills outside farming and agriculture could be developed as parallel means of earning livelihood.  This in turn would build a sustainable systematic growth mechanism within communities to be prepared to adapt to the changing environment. 

If this interests you then click here to get in touch with us

This is an opportunity to work with marginalised and socially down trodden people to bring change in their lives for better. These communities face challenges in accessing healthcare, benefit of government support and services, protection of rights of children, people with disabilities, rights of girl child etc.

You would be encouraged and facilitated to choose whatever is best suited for you. Since all your work and contribution would greatly add up to help  shape up communities for the future and improve their quality of life.

If this interests you then click here to get in touch with us

If you are a trained professional in communication and fundraising then you could greatly contribute providing comprehensive training to our staff in fundraising and campaigning techniques, developing new communication tools for advocacy or creating innovative promotion materials. You could also be given opportunity to develop advocacy strategies, or campaign on behalf of local communities.

If this interests you then click here to get in touch with us

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SAFE Volunteers preparing daily ration packets and ensuring that it reaches in time in the hands of women  of  slums and street connected families in