Lack of Livelihood due to limited options in rural pockets of India is a growing challenge. Most of these pockets are also deeply affected by natural calamities like floods, lack of rain and diseases usually swallows their remain hopes for livelihood. There are limited dependable sources available in example  industries, service sector, self employment etc to push the rural youths for migration towards big cities, hence creating large number of broken families, oldage parents and young children at home. In such a complex scenario, these children and their families are mostly dependent upon limited resources shared by many hence, their social status moves from poorest of poor.

Our major activities:

  • Farmers club project an innovative solution towards farming and high profit approach
  • Training and Advocacy workshops for advanced agricultural methodology and organic farming
  • Monthly communication workshop for experience sharing to deliver issues like soil testing and usage of new farming equipment
  • Training and development of banking behaviour and importance of small savings
  • Workshop on book keeping and profit management