Birth of a girl is still considered a curse in rural pockets of India. Often denied nutrition, education, equal social status and health care in comparison to the male members of the families. Female feticide is a growing challenge resulting in decreased number of females v/s number of males among population. Exploitations against girl child did not just stop there it rather took a different shape in the form of child marriage which is highly prevalent in rural districts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and more. Health data shows steady increase in maternal mortality rates due to teenage pregnancy in these regions.

Safe Society mandated towards

  • Advocacy and Sensitization of community members
  • The capacity building of community workers towards well being of girl child
  • Media Advocacy campaign towards save the girl child
  • ACSM Workshops against Child Marriage
  • Sensitization workshop with political leaders and public servants
  • Establishment of counseling and guidance centers for minor married girls
  • Sensitization workshop with young couple for sexual health and hygiene
  • Skill building workshops to improve sustainable livelihood of minor married girls 
  • 10,000 community members were sensitize on the subject
  • 10 public influencers meetings including 2 legislative members and 1 member of parliament from our project districts
  • 24 Media personnel were sensitized on the subject and encouraged to highlight the rising issue through print media
  • 3 articles were published in the leading newspaper on this issue
  • Prevented 1 child marriage with our successful direct intervention
  • Submitted a letter to political parties regarding the day of girls.  
  • Safe Society hosted farmers clubs in this region and included women to earn livelihood by cultivating mushrooms vegetables within the premises of their household, hence becoming economically independent
  •  Engaged young women from the local village and communities to equally participate in 100 self help groups that are connected with Purvanchal Bank
  • Fostering joint liability group within most marginalized and vulnerable communities through our awareness campaign
  • Skill development and capacity building to improve livelihood for women in rural communities through our training programs