A UNICEF study reveals in 2006 there were more than 11,000,000 railway children are there in Indian railway platform. Every year 120,000 children arrive at railway stations in India which turns into only available option for shelter and earning money to afford two square meals. Every year 29% children drop out from schools before completing 5 years of primary education. Every 2nd girl out of 5 is married before becoming 18 years of age in India.

Our major activities of child welfare are:

Intensive outreach to re-unite run-away, lost and rescued from railway / bus stations with their families.

Research and study to analyze underlying reasons behind children running away from protection of their homes.

Situation analysis of children and families dwelling in and around Gorakhpur streets bus / railway station.

Psycho-social innovations like art based therapy, meditations, learn with fun games for families and children in need.

Action towards knowledge enhancement using systematic briefing sessions, sensitization workshops about issues related to protection of Child Rights.

Change management for over all organizational impact enhancement.