Children at Train and Bus Stations in Gorakhpur City

Gorakhpur railway station platforms are home for around 80 homeless children. The Station was providing them a safe place to stay and to make enough money for their daily meal by selling water bottles, chewing tobacco, cigarettes etc.

Due to COVID 19 lockdown the only space of safety is closed for them with it they don’t have drinking water and toilet facility available to them. All this also ended the source of food and made Their situation extremely vulnerable because

  • With no safe place to stay how can they follow social distancing?
  • With no source for food even, how can they afford soaps, sanitizers and masks for protection from disease?
  • With no water for drinking and no toilet facilities how can they keep up with much needed personal hygiene and safety from infection.
  • With no national ID or government documentation no government support is available to them.

They had been struggling amidst this pandemic for last two months with no help from anywhere but now have given up all hopes and their lives are at stake.

SAFE SOCIETY urgently appeals to all to come together to help and support these children immediately and urgently

These children need you now…

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